Saturday, May 31, 2008

Evolution versus JPilot

Evolution is a Linux-based alternative to Outlook. It's an email client, a contact manager, and a calendar. It looks good, bristles with features, I have wanted to use it for years. The reason I can't is that it persists in having troubles syncing with my Palm.

I tried again today, and at first, all appeared to be working well. But then I found the old problem: when I would sync, my tasks started duplicating. First a couple, then a couple more, then a couple more. If there was a pattern, I couldn't find it. Finally, pfagh, I just restored from JPilot (I'd done a complete back up before my experiments).

JPilot doesn't integrate particularly well with email. But here's what it does do: work. It never destroys data. It never wigs out. Why Evolution can't get this right I do not understand.

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