Wednesday, May 21, 2008

From Awareness to Funding

At my last OCLC Members Council, OCLC's Cathy De Rosa presented a fly-by overview of the new report, due in June, that first states a problem: there's a trend of failure in library ballot issues. Next, it starts talking about some solutions: in brief, our strongest supporters see us as transformational in their lives or communities. To succeed, to gain funding, we have to learn to reach out to our markets using this language.

Instead, for too long, we've postioned ourselves as far less interesting "information providers" -- a place where the competition is intense, and the experience itself is less valued.

My assistant, Aspen, found someone else's blog about this here. It's a good summary.

This study is a significant contribution to the field. And it couldn't be more timely for me.


Terry Dawson said...

Thanks for the link, Jamie. The OCLC presentation on this at the PLA conference made me think this will be a compelling & influential study. I'm greatly looking forward to the finished product.

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Jamie said...

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