Is anybody listening?

Blogging has been an interesting way for me to record some of my travels and library-related thoughts. But is blogging just an online journal, another memory aid, or a true communication tool? If the latter, then I need evidence: comments (of which there are almost none to date) or a site counter. So I added a tool to the blog to see if anybody is reading this.

So if you're swinging by, leave a comment! Or I'll look at the stats and see if I'm just having a swell conversation with myself. And if that's the case, I probably don't need to keep a journal for the world, when one of those little moleskin pocket notebooks works so well.



I'm listening, and I am just finishing up a library leadership article where I reference your site.

It was an absolute pleasure to hear you speak at the COLAND Library Summit in Green Lake, Wisconsin earlier this month.

-Jess Bruckner
Jamie said…
Hey Jess, and it was a pleasure to see a new generation of library leaders coming up. Thanks for the kind words.

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