Wednesday, May 7, 2008

McCain's plans

Click on the entry link to get an article by Fareed Zakaria in Newsweek. The nation is abuzz about what Barack Obama's former minister is saying, and ignoring what one of the actual candidates is saying.

I think Zakaria is right: McCain's stand on international relations is bizarre, schizophrenic and will lead to further escalation of world tensions.

I file this under "politics -- the unexplained." Why isn't anyone talking about where this proposed policy would lead us?

Another unanswered question for me: Guantanamo Bay is in Cuba. How did it happen that the United States of America has a prison camp in a country with which we have no diplomatic relations? How did we do that, exactly? Make a phone call to Fidel and ask if we could rent some vacant gulag? Surely we didn't just violate another nation's sovereignty and blast onto the beach and set up a prison?

What connects these two ideas: Do we have a coherent international relations policy that is transparent, sensible, and ethical? Answer: we do not. And under McCain, that would appear unlikely to change.

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