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Sunday, May 18, 2008

OCLC Members Council

For the past three years, I have been a representative of BCR (a regional library services network based in Colorado) to the OCLC Members Council.

I've enjoyed it, and particularly enjoyed getting to know several international librarians -- Chew Leng Beh from Singapore, Jieh Hsiang from Taiwan, Berndt Dugall from Germany, and David Brandbury from London. I find these marvelous librarians fun to talk to -- and I learn something about their countries that is altogether different, truer, more direct, than anything filtered through media.

But this is my last meeting. My term is up, I didn't run for another. Instead, I'll be serving on the BCR board, which is much closer to home. I need to stay focused on our probable 2008 election.

But I'll take warm memories from my time here. And I've even enjoyed going to Dublin, OH three times a year, and the lovely Marriott, my home away from home.

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madragon said...

I wish you a very happy new year.

Your friend from Singapore