Monday, August 25, 2008


I can't remember how I found Pentangle, but it was back in high school. Of course, like everything else, they're on Youtube. They are an odd and fuzzy bunch. But Jacqui has a voice that seems to know no bounds at all, the bass is extraordinary, and they manage to infuse an old-time English sensibility with some remarkable jazz jamming. I used to listen to these songs by the hour.

Cruel sister (with John Renbourne on guitar)

Hunting song - 13th century - listen to the round at the end

People on the highway

Train song - Rockin blues

Traveling song

Wedding Dress

Will the circle be unbroken - best version ever


GraceAnne LadyHawk said...

Much of Pentangle has been remastered and is on iTunes. "Lykewake" makes me shiver every single time.

Deb Grabien is a fabulous writer of mysteries with musical themes. Her Haunted Ballad series includes one called Cruel Sister. Full disclosure - Deb's a friend, but her books are mesmerizing and full of musical delights.

ddodd said...

I remember how I found Pentangle. It was Jerry Garcia, in an early interview, mentioning their name as a band that was true to authentic folk roots in the English tradition. Wonderful band!

Jamie said...

Found "Lyke Wake Dirge" - Welcome

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