Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Inquisition talk for Illinois Library Association

It was at the Navy Pier, just a few hours ago. It always does my soul good to see the Lake again. And I'd never been to Navy Pier -- a cool place.

I got to see Carl Volkmann (and got him to sign his book, "Springfield's Sculptures, Monuments and Plaques"). Saw Carl Lorber, who left Lincoln Library about the same time I did to work at a university library in Illinois. Saw Nancy Huntley, current library director at Springfield, and the woman who hired me there. Saw the Waukegan Public Library crowd (Richard Lee and Heidi Smith). Later I'll see Fred Schlipf and others.

There are many wonderful colleagues here. Wish it wasn't so hot, though. Whew!

I gather that there are a lot of intellectual freedom issues here, too. I hope my own approach will be helpful to people: to turn away from the rigid and bureaucratic, and strive to create service that both staff and patron can be proud of.


Barbara Love said...

Hey Jamie: Preparing for my monthly library board meeting and about to tell the Board that your words are about the most important that I took away from ILA at Navy Pier this year. Thought I'd check you out and came across your blog. Yes, your reasoned approach and friends amongst friends attitude are most welcome. Actually in small town Mid America, it's vital to our success. Thanks for reminding us who we are and what we are about.

I also appreciated your words about Dr.Fred. He's currently working with us on a building program for a new library. He's a gem.

Jamie said...

Thanks for the kind words, Barbara. Fred continues to tell me things I need to know -- a good enough reason to trek back to my homeland.

I continue to believe that we have to find better ways to talk to each other in America. As my daughter once said to me (and I may have referenced elsewhere on this blog), "I -- and my generation -- are so tired of angry Baby Boomer partisanship." Me, too. - Welcome

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