Springfield IL

I'm a keynote speaker for tomorrow's "On the Front Lines" conference, put on by my friends at the Illinois State Library.

When I arrived at the Springfield airport, I was picked up by my former boss and mentor, Carl Volkmann, and his wife, the wonderful Roberta. Later, we were joined by Judy Rake for a fabulous Italian dinner.

Now I'm in the conference hotel. It happens to be just north of Lincoln Library -- where I worked as Circulation Department Head, then Assistant Director. I'm on the 24th floor -- a rare height here in the midwest. And I'm listening to a train moan through the town.

My talk focuses on several things: current brain research, how to grow use, how to zero in on some of the key trends of modern librarianship, and finally, how to grow support. Being here again reminds of just how much I learned in this town, from this library.

I hope my comments are helpful.


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