LaRue interviews ... LaRue

One of my more interesting duties is interviewing writers for "Authors @ Douglas County Libraries," produced by the Network Douglas County. They're a creative bunch, and came up with an idea for a promo of the series. Here it is: me, interviewing me.


Adriatic said…
ROTFL. This is so funny :0)
I am now wondering how did you do it technically :)

Jamie said…
They had me sit on one side, carefully divided from the other, then shoot some questions, and face shots. Then they had me sit on the other side, and do the same. Then, somehow, they split the screen and matched the two together. And that's all I know about it.
Jamie said…
Addition: I ran across one of the tech people today who informs me that it was actually shot with two different cameras, and these were spliced together. If you look carefully, you'll see that in one scene, a hand crosses the invisible line. But the hand isn't mine -- it was my stand-in, producer David Schler.

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