Monday, December 14, 2009

A morbid little story

After my talk at Henrico County Public Library, I was chatting with Barbara Weedman, Public Services Administrator for the library. She mentioned a story from her childhood. Later, she emailed me this:

"Below you will find the morbid little story I begged my Southern Great-grandmother to tell me over and over again as a child."

The Little Bird

Once there was a little bird who lived outside the door.
He wanted to come INside and hop upon the floor.
"Oh! No! NO!" said the Mama bird,
"You must stay here with ME,
for little birds are safest up in a tree."
"I don't care!" said Robin, and gave his tail a fling,
"I don't think old folks know quite everything."
So dowwwwwwwwn he flew,
and Kittie seized him.
"Oh!" he cried, "I'm sorry, but I didn't think."

This reminds me of my daughter, who after I read her a Grimm Brothers fairy tale said it was "Gruesome! But good."

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