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Monday, January 4, 2010

User Agents in Firefox

I've written before about troubles getting Linux to work in a Windows world. Today, it occurred to me to try something I dimly remembered: getting Firefox to pretend to be Internet Explorer using a plug-in called User Agent Switcher. It's an easy download. Then I restarted Firefox, pulled down the Tools menu, and went to Default User Agent>Internet Explorer>Internet Explorer 6. Voila, I immediately had access to our payroll system.

Which means that, since the only thing this does is send a different string of letters to identify the browser, Firefox 3.0.16 is deliberately disabled by my vendor. Complaints to follow. Meanwhile, this was a MUCH simpler solution than the wine approach, which seems only to work SOMETIMES.


Hamish said...

Your comment about WINE struck a resonance here! I didn't find it workable for the programs I wanted to run. Another group I belong to has been discussing it today; when it works it's fine, but ...

I've given up on Linux - life isn't long enough.

Jamie said...

Well, there are many kinds and levels of frustration. I've noticed that my Windows colleagues have troubles I don't (virii, forced upgrade conflicts, registry issues, etc.). And I have troubles they don't (apps that refuse to recognize my platform). On balance ... Doesn't this just seems like a really stupid choice to have to make?