Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fred Brown on business and ballots

Journalist Fred Brown, who covered the Colorado state legislature for many years for the Denver Post, wrote this piece today. In brief, his point is that Denver's Metro Chamber of Commerce has some real problems with Amendments 60 and 61, and Proposition 101. I've heard the ballot proposals referred to as "voter approved recession." Some economic development people are starting to tell potential clients to stay away from Colorado. "We're convinced that through your initiative process you're systematically dismantling higher ed."

I like Brown's conclusion: "This ... might surprise those who think of chambers of commerce as reflexively anti-tax. They're not. The Denver chamber and most of its counterparts around the state are on the same page. They want a pragmatic government, not an impotent one."

Colorado Librarians, I strongly recommend that you pass along this link to your own local chambers and economic development agencies. For one thing, you should be talking to them anyhow. For another, maybe they need a nudge to speak out.

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