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The visibility and invisibility of librarians

An article solicited from me and edited by Library Journal's Josh Hadro showed up as today's "Library Link of the Day." The article itself is based on a panel talk I gave at BCR's 2010 Reference Renaissance, entitled "The Visibility and Invisibility of Librarians."

There are a few comments on it already. I did another version of this that will be coming out in a book of conference proceedings at the end of the year. I love the souped up chart they did from my original one.


I enjoy seeing good people and good libraries thrive. Click here for a link to a wonderful story by Norman Oder, formerly of Library Journal, about my neighbor to the north.

Post-election musings

On election night, I came back from rehearsal (for "The Education of Mister Scrooge," by the Front Range Theatre Company) and checked Douglas County's website. I saw that Amendments 60/61 and Proposition 101 were going down overwhelmingly. Given Douglas County's conservative bent, I figured that was decisive, and went to bed. As it happens, of course, the measures were defeated in every single county in the state by close to 70%.

There were lots of reasons for that defeat. Among them was the good work done by many librarians on their own personal time. Aspen Walker, a librarian who happens to work as my assistant, made a major contribution in her Bad3Bad4Libraries effort.

The defeat of the measures was good in many ways. Yet I woke up mildly depressed. A few days later, I realized why. I've been involved in three elections in four years (2007 and 2008 for the library, and in opposition to the Bad 3 this year). The first two lost. The success of this one did nothi…

National Children's Study

This is about the attempt to do a 20 year study mapping environmental factors to childhood well-being. Ambitious! I serve as chairman of the citizen advisory board. Click here for a link to the project website.

There's also a video. That link is here.