Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fedora 15 and Gnome 3

I burned a copy of Fedora 15, then loaded it first on my desktop machine, and now on my Acer netbook.

A few brief comments.

First, it did load, relatively quickly, on both machines. The desktop image is lovely, and it's all very spare. I got it to talk to both wireless cards without incident.

Second, on the Acer I had to go into the System Settings (much easier than older Gnome 2) and fiddle with the touchpad to enable one tap clicking. The default resolution is right on the Acer too -- I had to fiddle with the display on my desktop. (1024x768 seems to be the standard laptop). But the Gnome 3, or Fedora 15, fonts are too skinny.

Third, it was a little jarring to try to move around from one active program to the next. Instead of just clicking on a panel, you have to click on Activities, then a sort of panel on the right, then the item. That replaces one click with three, which seems LESS efficient.

Fourth, but it's fun to learn new things, stretch the brain.

For now, I'll leave Xfce, still based on Linpus Lite, which was itself based on Fedora 8, up and running. It works.

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