Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Planning next year revisited

So I used it for awhile today, and quickly realized it had to be simpler.

* To Do, as I first set it up, was a comprehensive list of all my tasks. But I already have that in Hivemind, and don't want to try to duplicate things just so I can get to them on various devices. So instead, I'll leave everything in Hivemind, then begin each work day by reviewing, and pulling out the four or five that I intend to tackle that day and putting them in Notecase Pro (from now on, NP). But I eliminated the whole "To Do" heading.

* Journal. Dragging things from To Do to Journal was an unnecessary step. Now I just have one heading: "Daily Log." I open a new node, use Shift-Ctrl-T to insert the date, then (as above), plan my day from consulting Hivemind and my calendar, and cross them off as I complete them. That gives me a work record without having to drag things anywhere.

* Goals and Projects - just cleaned it up and renamed it from Projects. The idea is to keep those big ideas in front of me all day.

* Key Contacts. Dunno how much I'll use this. From my work computer, I already have contacts where I'm likely to use them (email, etc).

* Misc is now just three little reminder notes, mostly logins. (NP is encrypted, so I don't worry about security.)

* Organizations. This might still be handy. It's hard to remember what I've promised to all of those institutions sometimes.

* Talks. This one is very handy. But I need to consistently use a tag for my calendar to help me track this more consistently. (I just went back and did that!)

So Daily Log, Goals and Projects, Key Contacts, Misc, Organizations, and Talk gives me a tidy list of just six things. And - the best part - it's in alphabetical order. Joy.

But overall, yeah, this will work. Oh, and another little trick. NP lets you toggle between three screens: just the leftmost outliner pane, just the rightmost text pane, or a split screen. Toggling between the outliner and text pane seems to aid in focus.

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