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Gates video demonstrate the impact of public computer centers in public libraries

ALA Digital supplement

Washington, D.C.—The American Library Association (ALA) today released a new report examining critical issues underlying equitable access to digital content through our nation’s libraries. In the report, titled “E-content: The Digital Dialogue,” authors explore an unprecedented and splintered landscape in which several major publishers refuse to sell e-books to libraries; proprietary platforms fragment our cultural record; and reader privacy is endangered. The full press release is here. My own piece, "Navigating the Ebook Revolution," is on the American Libraries website, here.

DCL on Boing Boing

Find it right here.

Bruce Lee plays ping pong with nunchaku

Truly, Bruce Lee was astonishing.

DCL ebook model gains traction

See this excellent article by the Digital Shift's Matt Enis.

ALA seeks advice about "library as publisher"

Dear Librarian Colleagues: As part of the work of the Digital Content Working Group of ALA (which is tackling our many ebook-related issues), we are seeking some focused feedback before ALA next month. If you are experimenting with content creation (see below), we need to hear from you. Please review, then respond to At this moment in our profession, an increasing number of libraries are engaged in the creation, publication, and preservation of digital content. This may represent an opportunity, or shift in our profession, moving us from the end of a publishing and distribution chain to somewhere closer to the source. The issue we're investigating here is not generally library relations with existing publishers, but activities where the library takes a lead or key partnership role in getting the content into digital format and delivering it over the long term. That takes us into archiving and preservation. In addition to the processes of gathering, …

The Wisdom Project

Phase I: capture the story of the project. Phases II --- start gathering and distributing these marvelous stories through podcasts, and ....? For more information on the Wisdom Project, see