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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Book trailer for "A Monster Calls"

At a session yesterday put on by AuthorU, video expert Mike Hance (of Denver Writers Meetup) showed a video trailer for A monster calls, by Patrick Ness. I really haven't been following this art form/commercial. But this one was so compelling I immediately put the book on hold. Evocative.

.... Later. I just read the book this morning, and I cannot remember a more powerful literary experience. The writing, the illustrations, and the story itself are beautiful. The basic plot: 13 year old Conor's mother is very ill. His father lives in America now with his new wife and child. At school, Conor is bullied daily. He has a recurrent nightmare, and a secret he cannot bear. So he sends out a call -- answered by a monster, an ancient yew tree that comes walking to his window after midnight with three tales to tell, and a demand for a fourth.

This is a story that will tear out your heart -- then hand it back to you, whole. Highly recommended.

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