Monday, November 26, 2012

Disable Secure Boot to Install Linux

I just know I'm going to need this some day. In short, to get to the point where we can attempt to boot an alternative operating system we need to know our way through six steps:
1. Boot machine while pressing F10
2. Find Secure Boot in the menu tree, ignore warnings
3. Disable Secure Boot feature
4. Enable legacy boot options
5. Enable specific legacy devices, such as USB devices
6. Save and reboot while holding down F9

All of this is from a Distrowatch piece by Jesse Smith. No doubt all of this won't work when I need it either, but somebody might Google it up and find it. Some things we must pay forward.

A follow-up: The currently favored solution is a workaround: a pre-bootloader signed by Microsoft (so it passes secure boot) that can then be used to load a normal Linux bootloader without further signature checking. One Linux developer, Matthew Garrett, has managed to get Microsoft to sign a pre-bootloader called Shim. You can download it today and use it to boot Linux on your Windows 8 machine. Shim should soon find its way into SUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, and other major Linux distros.

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