Sunday, November 25, 2012

In Moscow

The flight was uneventful. Delta took off on time (a little early getting off the ground), and arrived a little ahead of schedule on the other end. I got to watch Lincoln Vampire Hunter on the way over, and that was interesting, having just seen Spielberg's Lincoln. I liked them both. Yes, Sally Fields did a great job telling off those pompous politicians. But Mary Elizabeth Winstead offed a vampire. Spielberg's Lincoln told stories. Bekmamatov's Lincoln wielded a silver-tipped ax. So on the whole, pretty balanced.

The Moscow airport was airy and bright, although the sky was very cloudy, and it was gently snowing. The airport is lined with tall pines. Customs was a breeze. I got picked up by somebody holding up a card with my name, which was fun. He spoke no English, and I speak no Russian, but he was friendly, and let me sit up front so I could see better. The drive into town (I'm right across from Red Square, it seems) was interesting, too. Lots and lots of tall apartment buildings, in various states of repair. But many signs of economic growth: some cool new office buildings, corporate headquarters. Everyone wears jeans.

Despite my very careful pre-notification of my credit card company that I would be in Russia, and when, they blocked it. Infuriating when you're trying to check in after a long flight. My phone doesn't seem to work here (can't find a mobile network) so I don't even have a way to call them. But I have more than one card, the hotel has free wireless, a money changing counter, and English-speaking staff, so life is pretty easy. A quaint and clean room. I'll try to post pictures eventually.

In a bit, I'm going to wander around and try to wear myself out a bit to accommodate to an 11 hour difference between Denver and Moscow.

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Lynne said...

Thanks for the updates. I love traveling and learning about new places. Have fun! - Welcome

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