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ALA Presidency: election results

I just realized I never recorded on this blog the results of the ALA election! (I did elsewhere, mainly Facebook and Twitter, but I should have put it here, too.) The victory went to Julie Todaro (2899 votes), followed by Joe Janes (2877 votes), followed by me (2222 votes), followed by JP Porcaro (2121). About 21% of the membership voted.

I had a chance to spend time with all of the candidates, and have to say that I genuinely liked every one of them. Julie will be an outstanding ALA president. She has great depth of experience both within the association and the field. Joe was a delightful and insightful candidate. JP's passion and commitment were and are deep and sincere.

And me? It was an honor to be nominated, an education to run, and I find myself untroubled by the loss. I got into the race because I am deeply interested in thought leadership -- in identifying and promulgating the significant ideas within my profession and society. I would have done that as ALA president. I c…

10 haiku

I'm facilitating today on the Western Slope of Colorado. This is from my lovely drive yesterday from Castle Rock through Colorado Springs, Canyon City, Salida, Gunnison, to Montrose.
Colorado hills triplets and arpeggios melody of rock
rising to the pass rising to the lightning and rising to the rain
suddenly between avocado pinon and black cloud - gleaming snow
radio sputters into static and river road turns to whitecaps
on mountain's north side white carpet glimpsed through the green snow under the pines
white-green valley wet beneath gray-blue horizon: late afternoon pearls
black cattle lying in the short blonde grasses and just looking around
a core of red rock is covered over with creased mounds of earth and grass 
skinny little bird struts across the highway just above Beaver Creek
skeletons of trees rise white from the blue waters of Black Canyon lake