Sunday, November 27, 2016

New website, again

I've been an Earthlink customer - for home internet, for home networking, for web hosting - since 2002. But for the past few months, I've been unhappy with that relationship.

The big problem was that my DSL connection just started pooping out. I called it in, spent lots of time troubleshooting it, and even replaced the modem. I could never get EarthLink to even admit that there was a problem. Nonetheless, the internet connection became unusable.

As far as web hosting is concerned, things have gotten cheaper. $10 a month wasn't bad, but some folks charge half that or less.

I bought a domain name,, a long time ago, through another company. Then, a few years back, I moved to Google for email, which required some odd gyrations with EarthLink mail server settings.

Then I got to thinking: my website had been whittled down to a few links and just a little text. Why not just move that content over to my blog, and make my blog the website?

Advantages: the preservation of eight years of content. No more hosting fees (blogger is free). A more dynamic web presence. Some encouragement to blog more often, maybe.

Disadvantages: it looks more like a blog than a website. OK by me.

So I've moved over the content that matters, tidied up the links, backed up everything, and done a little investigation about how to point my domain name to blogger. I'll try to wrap that up tomorrow. Then I'll give up on EarthLink, a company that just never took me seriously. And incidentally, save $120 a year. It might make my life a little simpler, too.

P.S. 11/29/16. I did finally figure out how to configure Network Solutions to point to Blogger. But it still required a text verification field, provided by Google. After changing that, it took a while for Google to get the updated change. Once verified, I saved the new "custom domain" name in Blogger. Of course, then I found that I could not search for my domain at all. I imagine it takes a while for the domain name to propagate across the internet. ... And it's up. It took about two hours for the change to take place.

P.P.S. I also had a little bobble with my email - but Google helped me to set up mail records on my domain server. I think I'm back up. Sorry for any interruptions between yesterday and tomorrow.

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Jessie said...

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