Garnet VM on Nokia N800

Access Company just released an updated virtual machine for the Palm. It's very cool: still free (so far!) it reorients and expands the font size to the screen like a Palm, and I was able to copy over some of my applications (BrainForest and ShadowPlan), which work quite well. It also adds in the To Do application, missing in the previous version.


In short, Loki (my N800) could also be a Palm. Issues:

* I haven't tried to get it to sync, although some have reported success with it. I've been copying over the files from a sync to Linux's JPilot (in /home/user/.jpilot/).

* battery life just isn't as good as the Palm.

* it doesn't really integrate. That is, I don't think you can copy and paste from other apps into the virtual machine.

Note: to get the hotsync ID in the virtual machine, you need to use the following command from Xterminal:

/usr/bin/gvm/gvm --hotsyncid="Sync Name"


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