Library Camp of the West

Last Friday I went to an "unconference." (Click entry title to see the website/wiki.) Here's the main thing I wanted to observe. At the beginning, some 130-150 people file into a room and shout out topics they want to talk about. Then they schedule the rooms on the spot. The whole thing took about 40 minutes.

Having planned plenty of conferences starting 9 months in advance, I wonder if the unconference approach isn't just as good, with a lot less cost on all kinds of levels.

I felt that much of the energy, vision, and organizational support came from the Millennial generation librarians, and it was purely a pleasure to see and be a part of it. Well done!

Now, of course, we see what comes of it. But what comes of any conference? A chance to listen, a chance to talk, a chance to connect with some interesting people.


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