Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Mexico haiku

I'm on vacation in Taos. On the beautiful drive down, I had a series of haiku moments. Writing haiku makes life worthwhile.

lone dark pinon
new mexico mesa
and sky

Which goes from focus to field. And here's one that goes the opposite direction:

mountain snow dust
stirs golden valley into
herd of pronghorns

And here's one that's just about how nature reclaims what man makes:

white mountain road
snow snaking parallel
to river below

And just before I stopped for lunch, I saw:

two crows feast
on bloody ball of meat:
table mesa

And on the long road south of Fort Garland:

beetle in the sand
long straight line between peaks
me on two lane road

And finally, flapping up from a field into the sun, against a backdrop of blinding snow-capped peaks:

until just now
I did not know that ravens
are made of light

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