Adieu 2009

This past year, I wrote (at least) 256 poems. Not all of them, of course, were any good at all. Some, I fervently hope, were worth preserving. Writing a good poem, even one, still strikes me as a worthwhile life goal. Below are two poems written on this final day of 2009. Both follow the traditional haiku conventions of 5/7/5 syllables per line. Both are based on and are informed by a seasonal/natural reference.

Happy New Year!

last day of the year
sunshine clears the mountain road
snow in the shadows

Wisdom of seasons:
blossom to green leaf to fall
to bare branch. Repeat.


Anonymous said…
Jamie - don't know if you've ever seen Ted Kooser speak, but he says that 28 days out of 30, he's a complete failure as a poet. He writes every morning so that he'll be writing the 2 days when he's pretty good at it.
Jamie said…
This is so true.

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