Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year thoughts

And so begins "twenty-ten" (which rolls more trippingly off the tongue than two-thousand-ten). My only real regret, looking backward, is that we did not call each of the past ten years an "aught," as in "aught-nine" for 2009. Most used "oh-nine." But perhaps that captured the mood of faint despair even better. Anyhow, as we approach geezerhood, at least now we can refer back to things that way: "You whippersnappers think you have it tough? Why, I remember back in aught-eight when the recession wiped out my 401 (k)." I may have to buy a pair of bib overalls to really pull this off.

I take comfort in the fact that today I solved the "evil" sudoku in the Denver Post. Sudoku has proven to be a pretty reliable guide to my general intelligence for the day. The joy of Sudoku is when the code has been cracked, and it's the heady race to fill in the final boxes. But that, of course, is utterly dependent upon the careful and patient working through of options first, the sifting for reducible patterns. Inattention at the beginning leads to frustration at the end. Isn't that the way of things?

I am not ordinarily the sort of person who does "resolutions." On the other hand, I typically do try to identify three or four goals for the year. This next year, I'm hoping to concentrate on two big efforts; a statewide public library advocacy initiative, and some long overdue home improvements. To feed the soul, I'd like to go even deeper into haiku, and do more walking. Beyond that, I need to pay more attention to my friends. And of course, this could be the year the Tuna Boys make it big.

Happy New Year to all.

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