Saturday, February 20, 2010

Authors at Douglas County Libraries

For a decade or so now, the good people of DC8, "the Network Douglas County" have produced high quality, thoroughly professional, and Emmy award-winning shows. Funded in part by Comcast cable franchise fees, this small team (3 full time employees, 3 contract employs) was also responsible for the production of the "Authors at Douglas County" shows, which aired on the county's web set, and on channel 8 in Douglas County.

Earlier this week, that show was taken down from the web, without either notice or explanation. The three contractors were notified back in December that they will not be offered contracts for 2010. David Schler, producer of DC8, has submitted his resignation and will be leaving at the end of March.

Douglas County Libraries has acted to acquire this digital content, and will be working, at some time in the future, to offer them up ourselves, as archives of local history.

Jesse Stainbrook, who formed the station, and David Schler, who continued its tradition of excellence, proved that government television doesn't have to be dull, boring, or humorless. DC8 told fun and fascinating stories about everything from oddball local history events, to the workings of elections, and what was in the long trains rattling through town in the morning.

The rapid and ill-conceived whittling away of DC8 is a real loss for Douglas County. But I do hope to work with the talented individuals of the team again in the future.

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