Monday, February 1, 2010

"Glasshouse," by Charles Stross

Note to self: while recovering from a bad chest cold/cough, it's good to go to bed early, as I did last night. It's not so smart though, to pick up a cracking good book that makes you read it through to the end after midnight.

"Glasshouse" is interesting on at least three levels:

* it details a convincing "post-human" world, where you're effectively immortal, you can switch bodies and genders, make backups and duplicates of yourself, bounce around the stars, and are wired to the net.

* it posits characters that you come to care about.

* it tells a gripping and suspenseful story with lots of twists and turns.

"Glasshouse" was altogether satisfying and new (although published in 2006). Highly recommended. I'm going to have to track down more by this guy.


Suzanne said...

But wait until a weekend morning to start reading it!

kittent said...

charlie not only writes one hell of a story, he is opinionated about many things, and he can back it up. Check this out to see his take on publishing: - Welcome

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