Monday, March 1, 2010

Glenn Beck, Jon Stewart, and public libraries

Just saw this today. Click the entry title to get the video.

"Fresh from the week off, Jon Stewart jumped right in Monday night and took on one of his favorite targets, Glenn Beck, who used his appearance at CPAC as a chance to alert the crowd of the dangers of Progressivism.

"At the conference, Beck compared Progressivism to Communism, and cited previous progressives such as Woodrow Wilson and FDR, who pushed for the income tax and universal health care, respectively. Despite the former being used by elected officials to create things for the common good, Beck stressed that these were the first steps on the road to ruin.

"Upon hearing Glenn Beck announce that he learned this by reading books at the library, Stewart had some choice words for the Fox News host:

'Glenn, the library isn't free! It's paid for with tax money. Free public libraries are the result of the Progressive movement to communally share books. The first public library was the Boston public library in 1854. It's statement of purpose: every citizen has the right to access community owned resources. Community owned? That sounds just like communist. You're a communist!'"

Good to have cleared that up.


Roland Hulme said...

Ha Ha! Oh, what a pity I missed that one. Sounds like Stewart skewered Beck (again.)

I'm always astounded at these 'tea partiers' who claim to be against 'socialism' but neatly ignore that America is, in its own way, just as socialist as European nations.

The Post Office, public transport in most cities, the school system, the Veterans Hospital system...

Great post!

Lesley W. said...

Amen Jon! Testify brother! - Welcome

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