Castle Pines Library on Flicker

Our first experiment in a new model of library layout and service was in our leased Roxborough Library. It was so successful that many of the things we tried we immediately started using them elsewhere. Roxborough gave us the blueprint to remodel Lone Tree.

Last year, as the result of unprecedented community support in the new city of Castle Pines North and nearby Castle Pines Village, we were able to open a very small storefront library -- about 2,500 square feet. But again using the palette of power walls, face-out displays, comfy furniture, self-service options, automated materials handling, and consistent signs, we've reached really astonishing use. Out of that small space, we will check out a solid third-of-a-million items annually.

To get the Flicker tour of this space, click here, or the title of this entry.


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