New LaRue Website

I spent a while this morning doing something I should have done sooner: refresh my website. On my home (Ubuntu) machine, I fired up the open source web-editor Kompozer. Then I went looking for some templates. Eventually, I found one called "Simple Beauty." I also found Youtube videos that gave me a good, quick introduction to how to use Kompozer with templates.

Start to finish, I think it took 3 hours to completely recast most of my site. In the past, I used my website to stash some professional and personal resources that I need from time to time. That's still handy, but these days, I'm seeing the website as something else: a way to make it easier to connect with folks looking for the kinds of talks, workshops, and facilitation that I enjoy doing. To that end, I've concentrated more on sprucing up the look of the pages, and getting a little more professional about what services I provide, what topics I know something about, and which audiences might find any of that of interest. The signature page for that is here.

The template isn't that exciting. If I find a better one, I may work it through again. But the main thing is that I have taken a step toward how I market myself to the world. I like public speaking. I like helping organizations get better. Maybe now I'll get to do that more often.

I should also say that I sent a quick email to some people I admire very much, asking for some feedback on what I might put up on such a page. All of them responded thoughtfully - and quickly. While I didn't take all their advice, I took most of it. I have good friends, and I'm grateful to them.


David said…
Slick new site! Like how clean, organized and easy it is to use. Nice job!

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