Sunday, October 17, 2010

Community reference project interview

Click here or the title of this entry to hear an interview by Mary Ross of Douglas County Libraries librarians Colbe Galston and Amy Long about the topic of the "community reference project."

Mary is the instructor of an Infopeople online course called Revisioning Reference.

Colbe and Amy are staggeringly articulate - and lay out what I do firmly believe is the frontier of public library reference work.


Peggy said...

I'm incredibly impressed with this project. Are there other links, citations I can use to follow up on this?
Peggy O'Kane
Coordinator of Reference & Research
Maine State library

Jamie said...

Marie Radford has a book about the "Reference Renaissance" BCR put on last year in which I touch on the topic. I wrote up a fuller version for Diane Zabel's forthcoming "Reference Reborn."

A few links from my newspaper columns follow:

I'll see what else we've got out there. Stay tuned! - Welcome

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