Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wonder Girls: Nobody but You

I feel a little guilty about this. But if you somehow escaped this utterly infectious smash hit from the South Korean girl band the Wonder Girls, then you must be made to pay. The weird thing is that its appeal continues for me.

My daughter, who taught in Taiwan, tells me that EVERYBODY knew this, all ages. That was almost a year ago now. But these Wonder Girls are just so dang cute.

Oh, and here's a bonus link, a clip from the "Korean Beyonce." It goes to show you: American pop songs and moves are extremely widespread. So to speak.


Em said...

Before I ever saw the official video, I saw this fan version: Pretty amazing. Hard to get this song out of your head once it's in there.

Chuk said...

I saw them when my daughters made me take them to a Jonas Brothers concert. It was kind of strange, they came out after another opening act and did their one song, just the five of them on stage, no instruments anywhere in sight. Then they left.

At the time I hadn't heard of them before, but my older daughter said when she mentioned them to a friend who comes from Korea, said friend was excited to hear about them. - Welcome

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