Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wonder how it all worked out

This is from a friend, Bob Hofmann.

I’m currently reading Lawrence Lessig’s latest book, Republic, Lost. In it, he provides the following quotation.

After reading it, please scroll down to learn the source.

“The Republican party is now facing a great crisis. It is to decide whether it will be, as in the days of Lincoln, the party of the plain people, the party of progress, the party of social and industrial justice; or whether it will be the party of privilege and of special interests, the heir to those who were Lincoln’s most bitter opponents, the party that represents the great interests within and without Wall Street which desire through their control over the servants of the public to be kept immune from punishment when they do wrong and to be given privileges to which they are not entitled.”

This is an excerpt from a speech delivered by Teddy Roosevelt and reprinted in Outlook 100, April 1912.

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