Generational apocalypse

I just got off the phone with my daughter, Maddy, now working on her Master's Degree (in Cultural Translation) in Paris.

We got to talking about a recent pattern. People of MY generation (Baby Boomers) stand before people of the rising generation (Millennials) and tell them (the Millennials) that they're screwed. The world, civilization, politics, religion, society, all of it, is crashing to the ground. Run while you can, there's nothing left!

I know we don't want to hear it, but the declining years of the Boomers isn't the apocalypse. It's just a grim reminder that we haven't been very good at running things. The next generation doesn't have to play by our rules. And if they have as much sense as they seem to, they almost certainly won't.

Or as I told Maddy, I once asked a bright and ambitious young librarian what I could do to help her move up through the profession more quickly. "Quit!" she said.


Jenica said…
oh, that made me smile. Thanks. :)

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