Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Last One Standing

My article for Public Libraries (the January/February issue of 2012) can be found here.

A companion piece, written by Monique Sendze, Assistant Director of Information Technology for the Douglas County Libraries, is here. Hers is titled, "The E-Book Experiment."

Together, the two do a good job of setting out the issues and defining the broad approach to managing our own e-content.

The approach of the Douglas County Libraries has been to focus on solving some problems, not just complaining about them. I believe, as I have said repeatedly, that this is the most exciting time in the history of librarianship -- and of writing. But if we want to do more than be passive observers of sweeping change, then we have to step up our games. Monique's contributions have been enormous.


Jonathan Chambers said...

Bravo, Jamie. You and Monique are an inspiration. Your work has been a real service to the reading public. I hope others will follow your lead.

Jamie said...

Thanks Jonathan. We're getting a lot of interest from around the country. As we've discussed, I really think that this model -- whether or not it uses exactly the same components as ours -- is necessary if we are to continue to do our jobs. That means: provide access to current writing. - Welcome

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