Wednesday, June 20, 2012

All hat, no cattle

Library Journal picked up my recent piece, "All Hat, No Cattle," which they subtitled: "A call for libraries to transform before it's too late."

I think I make two key points:

* librarians have to DO something, not just complain to each other.

* the emerging publishing marketplace is way more interesting than just what the Big Six are up to.

What a fun time to be a librarian!


T Scott said...

Excellent piece. I've been arguing much the same from the academic standpoint (see e.g., ) I particularly agree with your point that librarians have to spend more time with people who are not librarians. I regularly attend publisher conferences and every time I do I wish there were more librarians there. We'd be much more off if we were productively engaged with people in publishing rather than just whining about how they don't do everything the way we want them to.

T Scott said...

Hmm. That should've read "We'd be much better off if..."

Jamie said...

I really do get the sense that something new is stirring. A new kind of publishing, born of library's digital archives that have ALMOST coalesced to a story? A new kind of collaborative community storytelling? - Welcome

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