Sunday, December 16, 2012

Newtown, gun control

On the same day that the Newtown, CT tragedy made headlines status in the Denver Post, there was another story: 22 kids, 1 adult hurt in China school knife attack. Terrible? Yes. Deaths? None. Why? Because the attacker didn't have a gun.

In the past several days, many people have written all kinds of pithy statements, often pointing out the ready availability of weapons, and the heartbreaking difficulty of finding help for mental illness, as movingly told in "I am Adam Lanza's mother.".

But I wanted to link to this thoughtful posting by Nicholas Kristof, Do we have the courage to stop this?

Incredibly, I've already seen the wacko responses: "if only the teachers had been armed," as if our problem is too few guns. I've also seen, "God withdrew protection from children when we withdrew prayer from the schools," as if (as someone else Tweeted) the Holocaust was the result of too little prayer.

We don't need stridency or posing. We need to reduce the number of guns in this country. Other nations have done it, and fewer people have died. It's time.

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