Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I spent a little time yesterday going through some of the software on my various computers. Help files and online documentation are wonderful things. Also, it never hurts to actually look at the screen, which often reveals useful menu choices. Sheesh.

So Evernote (and the Ubuntu client Nixnote) turn out to have all kinds of wonderful features. They're all right there in the help files.

Likewise, I find that when there's something that finally bubbles to the top of my consciousness as an annoyance that can no longer be borne, all I have to do is Google the problem, and someone solved it a few years ago. Example: after being irritated about how difficult it was to post links to my blog to Facebook and Twitter, I looked up a way to add that to my blogger template. I was very proud of myself. Except that just now I noticed that there's a little menu choice, "more," next to the blogger search bar that does exactly the same thing. It's probably been there forever.

Pay attention.

Read. The. Friggin. Manual.

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