Sunday, June 2, 2013

CherryTree review

Just to help myself remember this.

CherryTree is a fast, two pane, hierarchical notes taking program. It looks, feels, and works very like Notecase, with a few exceptions.

What it has:

  • easy and logical commands for creating the outline (left pane) tree.
  • wonderful commands for the editing of the text (right pane) node. In particular, I like the checklist to do option. It automatically inserts "[ ]" at the beginning of the line. Click that, and it strikes through. In Notecase pro, the to do is on the tree, and a space bar strikes it through. That might be more logical for task management with lots of things to be done on the right.
  • Fantastic commands for quickly arranging the reordering of PARAGRAPHS. Alt-Up, Down.
What it has not:

  • spelling check
  • word count.
But it's not a bad, free alternative to Notecase Pro. And is available for Windows and Linux.

I also just ran across something called Kabikaboo, a Python-based outliner. It DOES have spell check and word count, but not rich text. Again, I'm glad to see these things coming out, although neither of them is significantly better than what I use now.

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