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I’ve decided to undertake a grand experiment. Using the program Gingko (, I’m going to generate a series of blog posts that will flesh out my original outline, and begin to elaborate what will eventually be chapters in a book. Do check out Gingko, by the way. It just might change the way you think about writing. 

Ultimately, I will self-publish the work as an ebook. Price: $5? (Please comment below. Would you pay that for a roughly 200 page book?)

The working title is “Who Needs Libraries?” I invite you along on the journey. Comments from librarians and non-librarians alike will help me write a better book.

I’ll be trying to blog at least three times a week, at about 350 words per blog. Along the way, I hope to learn more about this fascinating program.

And please, do comment. We’re in this together!


Karen said…
Sold! I'm buying a copy. The price is perfect.
Jamie said…
Thanks,Karen. But you'll have the chance to contribute to it, too!
James LaRue said…
Beth, I'll be interested in your comments going forward. Your students', too.
Rick Ashton said…
Jamie, I'll be glad to participate in this interesting experience. While, as you know, I am likely to agree with you on many matters, I will try to contribute some contrarian commentary to help you sharpen your arguments.

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