Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New breed - conclusions

What works for you may not work for me. At this moment, I'm looking for a storage system focused on plain text, Dropbox and (to a lesser extent) Google. Then, I want to be able to get to my files, to revise them, from any of my platforms. I want a clean editing environment that has a handful of functions readily to hand, that doesn't get in my way.

So based on this quick review, I seem to have settled on a few clear choices. All of them (other than Simplenote, which has its own cloud storage) allow me to edit files sitting in Dropbox, which makes them cross-platform.

Windows: Simplenote (and ResophNotes), WriteMonkey and Writebox. WriteMonkey begins to look like a true, new, writing environment. Focuswriter is another good choice. Note that all of these are free.

Mac: Simplenote (and nValt), Writebox, and Focuswriter. But I'm leaving that platform. Again, all are free.

Linux: Simplenote in browser, Focuswriter, and Uberwriter. Uberwriter costs $5; the others are free.

iOS: SimpleNote, Daedulus, Writebox, and I still like Plaintext 2. Editorial would be the next step up, but I don't seem to need it, just yet. Only SimpleNote is free. But the others are all very inexpensive.

Android: Simplenote, and Writebox. Again, SimpleNote is free. I didn't get into JotterPad X, which seemed another fine choice, and also offers *local* storage on Android devices. I can also use a combination of the Dropbox app and some built in editor options. Writebox, then, would be used for the creation of new files.

My broader conclusion is that I like the shift to minimalist, plain text, markdown files. I like the look of the apps, I like the robust durability and portability of the files, and I like the new, surprisingly low cost of the applications. While my preferred writing environment continues to be the cross-platform (at least on Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops) Notecase Pro, I find that it's easy to write in these new applications.

What do you think?

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