Friday, February 6, 2015

My boots

Today I picked up a pair of re-soled and re-sealed work boots. I have worn these boots for an incredible 37 years. I bought them in Bloomington IL, right after college. At the time (1978), I was a truck driver in central Illinois, delivering produce (green goods) through what turned out to be one of the most brutal winters in a century.

Later, I wore them through my hitchhiking around the country. Most recently, I find them to be the perfect boots for Rocky Mountain trails.

Not to be too sentimental about this, but these boots KNOW my feet. They are molded to my bones. We have known each other longer than I have known almost anybody.

They have 10 eyelets, so I suppose are about 8 inches tall -- I only thread seven of the eyelets, then run the laces around the boot for a secure fastening over the ankle. They have a double-lined leather interior. The outside leather is dyed GREEN. The soles (my second ever) are Vibram.

These boots were made by Supreme - a company I cannot now locate. I suspect it's because you only ever had to buy one pair of boots, and you were set for life. Possibly this is not the best business plan.

There came a time the sole started separating from the last. So I took them in to the local repair shop here in Castle Rock.

I don't remember what I paid for them originally. $150 seems about right - which was a huge percentage of my income back then. This refurbishing, 37 years later, cost another $89, which not only preserves the original investment (and fit to my feet), but is way, way cheaper than any of the alternatives I investigated.

Boots, boys and girls, really good boots, are a very, very smart investment. And do keep them up (saddle soap, mink oil, polish and polish).

In all their glory (well, half their glory):

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Wonderful story. - Welcome

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