Sometimes institutions need a little help, an outside perspective. For a balanced, experienced, and innovative look at the possibilities, consider some assistance with the following:

  • Buildings

    • Building programs (with architects): development, review

    • Public input management: information gathering, reporting/presenting

  • Executive coaching

    • Monthly checkins

    • Flat fee per month, typical 1 year engagement

  • Long Range Planning (formal)

    • Interviews with board and staff

    • Facilitation

    • Community information gathering and presentation

    • Document preparation

  • Planning: other

    • General facilitation: getting started

    • Think tank: considering a big idea

    • Branding (with graphic designers): a review of your look and feel

    • Organizational development: things don't work. Now what?

    • Executive transitions (three phases)

      • Phase One

        • Interview board and staff

        • Interview community leaders

        • Produce "issues and directions" paper

      • Phase Two

        • Manage recruitment and selection processes

      • Phase Three

        • Coach new executives toward success

As of May 2, 2022, I have not taken on any new consulting contracts. But if you're interested in any of the above, I may be able to offer suggestions.