Looking for an inspirational and engaging talk or workshop? Recent topics include:

    • Intellectual Freedom and Social Justice. In recent years there has been a new tension between freedom from censorship, and a renewed desire to promote human equity. What is the role of the modern library?

    • Transformational by Design. Libraries change lives. But it's mostly by accident. Suppose we got serious about assisting people through predictable life changes?

    • 5 Strategies for A Successful Directorship. If you have prepared strategies for managing five key relationships (boss/es, staff, community, profession, self), you will do well.

    • Advocacy: Telling the library story. We know that both use and support for libraries have taken a hit. How do we change minds and hearts?

    • Community reference: the future of reference isn't about sitting behind a desk. It's about leaving the building, cataloging the community, and making a difference.

    • Trustee and director training: making each other look good

    • Hiring and firing: how we keep getting it wrong and how to get it right

    • Getting to vision. Some people may be born with it. Most of us can craft it, through a systematic process of inquiry and engagement.

    • Library building programs and processes: building for tomorrow

    • Key trends (emergent literacy, library as place, ebooks, community reference, advocacy)

Over the years, I've worked with many library education programs, including Dominican, Emporia, San Jose, Simmons, and my alma mater, the University of Illinois-Urbana. Currently, I serve as adjunct faculty and advisor for the University of Denver's Library and Information Science Program, so am always up for a guest lecture or webinar, too.

More complete information, including a brief biography, and headshot can be found at the about me tab.